In view of the fact that no one, rich or poor, strong or weak, intelligent or foolish, can avoid suffering, it is obviously clear that suffering is universal.

Again, considering the fact that in life there are hundreds of afflictions- parting with the beloved, meeting the hated and undesired, illnesses, unfulfilled wishes, broken love, vicissitudes of Life’s Fortune and more…..   that both undermine the body and trouble the mind.

With varying effects in every case from nervousness to lunacy, we can see clearly that even in the short span of life, there is always a lot of suffering and sorrow.
Some may say that they have never experienced suffering in their lifetime, but suffering is universal; because they are so used to it and for so long that just like one who forgets the bitterness of a thing because he has tasted it too often. They become unconscious of it. After all, the fact that life is short and everything is impermanent is itself the root cause of suffering. On top of that, another subtle form of suffering, common to everyone, is the fundamental question of life and death..

Suffering is, but a reaction of the mind. Both its arising and cessation are separately brought about by the mind, for example: if the mind is free from hate even in meeting our bitter enemies, we shall not be subject to the karma of hate/ If the mind is completely detached from passion, there will be no such tragedies as broken love and suicide. In short, if the mind does not create any karma, consequently there will be no trans-migration or reincarnation and neither will there be any suffering at all. When in delusion, unknowingly the mind becomes discriminating and automatically works out the karma, hence a Buddhist dictum:



“Because of delusion, there is Karma and because of Karma, there is suffering.”

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