The truth of the cause of suffering

Where did all the suffering come from? They were all accumulated and created by us and were attracted to us. Every suffering happening around and within us is the result of our own making based upon our intentions and deeds in the past, which we call karma.

Sutra states “Both delusion and karma will attract birth and death.”

Cycle of transmigration

Suffering begets delusion; delusion begets karma; karma begets suffering and so on…

Delusion comes from the three poisons in our mind:

  1. Greed – attachments to pleasurable experiences
  2. Hatred – a fear if getting what we do not want
  3. Ignorance – misunderstanding of the nature of reality

Life is the continuation of the good and bad from the past; it is the continuation of all the causes and effects. If one cannot become awakened but just continues unchanged until the end, one will not know what to follow and where to go.