“Dana” (Giving): Transforms Stinginess and Greed

From the commentary of the Diamond Sutra states:

Should there be stingy sentient beings who can relinquish alcohol and meat and not consume them, can relinquish money and possession and not covet for them, can relinquish conjugal love and not cling to it, can relinquish all evil deeds and not commit them, can relinquish the perceived separation of self and others and not compete or fight, then this is called: attainment of the first Donation Paramita

The Diamond Sutra states:

If anyone filled three thousand galaxies of worlds with the seven treasures and gave all away in gifts of alms, would he gain great merit?

Subhuti said: “Great indeed, World-honored One! Wherefore? Because merit partakes the character of no-merit, the Tathagata characterized the merit as great.” Then Buddha said: “On the other hand, if anyone received and retained even only four lines of this Discourse and taught and explained them to others, his merit would be greater.

Types of giving:

Monetary Giving:

  • Inner wealth – Giving of physical strength, will of the mind, and ¬†life
  • Outer wealth – Giving of clothing, food, money, etc..

Dharma Giving:

Preaching Truth to guide others, encouraging others to cultivate, allowing others to hear of dharma and inspiring them to have the Right Faith.

Fearless Giving:

Unafraid of adversities, understands Heaven’s Mind, carries on the aspiration of the Buddha, and personally guides people and helps humanity.

The Diamond Sutra stated:

In the practice of charity, a Bodhisattva should be detached. That is to say, he should practice charity without regard to appearances; without regard to sound, odor, touch, flavor or any quality. Subhuti, thus should the Bodhisattva practice charity without attachment. Wherefore? In such a case his merit is incalculable.