Transforms Evil and Lewd Thoughts

From the commentary of the Diamond Sutra stated:

Furthermore, should there be sentient begins with evil and lewd thoughts but can uphold Buddha precepts, can practice Buddha bearing, can subdue the six cauras (six robbers: six pleasures of the six sense organs), and can sever the evil and the wrongs, then this is called: attainment of the second Precepts Paramita.

A) Precept of disciplining acts (strictly discipline one’s body and mind in all aspects of daily life)

B) Precept of doing good deeds (as long as it is a good thing, you do it)

C) Precept of benefiting sentient beings (have enthusiasm in cultivation, do all kinds of things that would bebefit sentient beings)

  • Being Cautious about one’s speech and actions is the most important in terms of cultivation one’s body.
  • Lessening one’s desires is the most important thing in terms of cultivating one’s mind
  • Eradicating sins and mistakes is the most important thing in terms of cultivating one’s true nature.

There are ten vices and eight improper practices

Ten Vices:

Body (1. killing, 2. stealing, 3. sexual misconduct)

Mouth (4. slander, 5. improper remarks, 6. lying, 7. forked tongue)

Mind (8. greed, 9. hatred, 10. ignorance)