What is in your mind when talking about chinese buddha? Perhaps, not many people know about Buddhism in China, but we are going to talk about it now. For your information, it is the oldest foreign religion of China. It merged with native Taoism and folk religion. Knowing the history and the development of such Buddhism could help you not only enrich your knowledge but also know what happened in the world. Yes, Buddhism has had a long history in China.

The history

Those who live with the different beliefs or other religions may never know how Buddhism then become religion even in all the world. Do you know? Gautama Budda is the founder of this religion. He lived between 600 and 400 BC. In the second century BC, the first Buddhist scriptures got written, and the oral tradition went ruined. Then, people bring the first scriptures to China. In India, Buddhism began as a Hindu affected religion.

First century BC doctrines

What thought by the first scriptures is four Noble truths. Well, suffering is the part of existence and, the origin of suffering was craving for sensuality, identity acquisition, and annihilation.

Early Chinese Buddhism

The teachers of Buddhism have arrived in the 3rd century BC. Why? Perhaps it is because there was evidence that the Qin Emperor ordered the religion destruction in 213 BC. If you are a Chinese with Buddhism religion, we are sure that you have the interest in knowing more about the history of your religion, right?

Furthermore, the different kinds of Buddhism developed in Central Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, but Chinese changed their teaching. That is why the spiritual background starts to get complex with many different sects. During the past 2000 years, the rulers sometimes supported both religion and Buddhists. To make people not believe in Buddhism, temples was destroyed.

Modern Chinese Buddhism

So, what then happened to Buddhism? As mentioned above, there are many kinds of Buddhism in countries in Asia. In China, there is the type of Buddhism, namely Mayahana Buddhism. After the development of this Buddhism type in the Kushan Empire, various schools sects then were developed in China. They became popular in other countries, including Japan. There were hundreds of millions of the people who believe a combination of Taoism and Buddhism in China, but there were no religious polls. The one that makes Chinese Buddhism with the original teaching is the belief. Buddhism believed that Buddha is not just a teacher but also a good to be prayed to for the help and salvation. Happy Buddha is able to see in modern China. In fact, such this kind of Buddha has become popular in China for about hundreds of years.

So, what else do you want to know about the history of Chinese Buddhism? With all the ease nowadays, you can even gather information very easily like by accessing the internet and find some trusted sources. Those who have the interest in knowing Buddhism and its development may have the certain reason for it. Do you think so?

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