Do you know since when the Buddhist religion into China? chinese buddha is longstanding. This is evident from a discovery in China. Hongmen reservoirs in China, the only known local tourists as a place of pleasure. But when the reservoir receded, there was a 3.8 meter Buddha statue 600 years old! A reservoir in Jiangxi Province, China deliberately made retroactively in order workmanship renovation gate hydroelectric power plant (HEPP). However, the drop in water level reveals the secrets of the ‘submerged’.

The statue is estimated to have 3.8 meters high and carved into a cliff. As Xinhua reported, local residents witnessed the first time the head of a Buddha statue last month, when the water level dropped to 10 meters. Buddha statue made of stone had its back to the cliff, calm face facing forward. Its existence was revealed that attract tourists and locals alike. They consider it a sign of good luck. Archaeologists said the statue is thought to have come from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Early studies provide clues, the statue was probably made in the early Ming Dynasty, perhaps even earlier, during the Yuan Dynasty. Archaeologists said the statue could be an early clue where archaeological treasures beneath the surface of the water that has not been revealed. Parts of the temple were also found underwater. A local historical records mention, the location of the dam in accordance with the location of the ruins of an ancient town called Xiaoshi. Xu said the underwater archaeology team is investigating the statue, also look for the presence of the ancient city were estimated. Efforts will be made to the preservation of the historic heritage.

Although submerged for hundreds of years, the statue was found in relatively good condition. The details of carvings can still be seen. It was thanks to the soaking water reservoir, if it is not preserved in the water, the statue could experience weathering, oxidation, or other risks. Many cultural relics destroyed during the Chinese Cultural Revolution in the 1960s – when residents were ordered rid of all the things that are considered not relevant to the times, feudalistic and superstitious.


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